A Real Problem.

Owning a restaurant is hard. We get that. In fact, two of our partners have grown up in the restaurant industry, and now operate 8 locations in Chicago. So we understand your challenges.

Most restaurant owners aren’t able to focus on what they love – making people happy with great food and great service. This is because the industry has changed.

Nowadays, the restaurant industry is much more complex than simply serving up great food and quality service. To succeed, you need to understand the business of owning a restaurant too. However, with the rise of food and labor costs, guest expectations being higher than ever, increased competition, and the added complexities of restaurant technology and trends – it’s enough to make your head spin.

But, like any business, a lot of problems can be solved with one simple thing – sales.

The fact is, if you can more customers in your doors, get them spending more, and keep them coming back, your sales are going to increase. But, there are a million ways you can do that, and even more “restaurant gurus” out there eager to take your hard-earned money. We experienced this first-hand when trying to market our restaurant years ago.

We thought, “there has to be a better way.”

At the time there wasn’t, so we decided to fix that by starting Promotable Media. Promotable helps your restaurant grow with measurable results, and best of all, it’s powered by real operators and industry experts. Not some jet-setting bro who watched a few Youtube videos and is now suddenly a self-proclaimed restaurant marketing guru.

Our Promise

As restaurant operators, we know the importance of investing your marketing dollars in real results – not just wishful thinking. Because of this, we specialize in measurable, direct-response digital marketing to bring more customers in your door, keep them coming back and spending more.

With over 50 years of combined experience in restaurant operations, food service, brand development, and digital marketing – we know what it takes to grow a business in this cut-throat industry.

The Promotable Engine™ was birthed out of our own necessity to grow our own restaurants. We saw a gap in the restaurant industry and knew it had to be filled. This company was built by restaurant owners, for restaurant owners. We’re here to help.

– The Team @ Promotable Media Inc.